Hoheizen Neighbourhood Watch makes it official

ADT Securitys community development manager Gavin Robinson with, from left, Hoheizen Neighbourhood Watch (HNW) members Tom Parken, Gys Burger, chairman Des Willows, Gordon Bennet, Pieter Enright, Jakkie Coetzee and Evans Coetzee.

The Hoheizen Neighbourhood Watch (HNW) has been five years in the making – after adopting its constitution in 2012, it has now been officially recognised by the police.

“They have been active for a while but are now officially up and running,” said Bellville police spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Fienie Nimb.

HNW chairman Des Willows believes the watch will help to keep crime out of the small suburb, which has a single entry and exit point.

“Ordinary people simply cannot afford to hide behind their doors or gates anymore and expect the police and security companies to solve crime on their own. You and I can make a contribution as well,” he said.

The HNW has seven members who patrol at various times in their vehicles. Hoheizen borders the N1, Stellenbosch Business School, Loevenstein and Welgemoed.

Mr Willows said the area has one of the lowest crime rates according to police statistics, but criminals get in from a nearby quarry.

“We are faced with a situation where criminals jump over the wall from the quarry to gain entry into our area. The wall, which separates the area, is far too low and we are trying to address this issue and have the wall raised.

“We also notice a spike in crime as soon as contractors come into the area. We have asked residents to do checks on the contractors and their team to ensure the safety of residents and their property.”

ADT Security, which sponsors the watch, gave it reflective vests, canisters of pepper spray, lanyards and stationery. The company also installed a licence plate recognition (LPR) camera, which is linked to the Durbanville camera initiative control room in the CBD. The camera system was funded by donations from Hoheizen residents and the City of Cape Town.

“Community watch organisations, such as the HNW, play an incredibly important role in the safety and security of our neighbourhoods. The police have the best of intentions, but with limited resources they simply cannot be everywhere all the time. Private security companies can help fill that gap, but it is when community watches are formed that a real difference is achieved,” said ADT Security’s district manager Verena Hulme.

Mr Willows urged residents to get involved.

“We need all types of assistance from patrollers to our ‘eyes and ears’ initiative, administrative help or financial contributions. Together we can make a difference in fighting crime and keeping our suburb safe.”

* For information or to join the HNW, contact Mr Willows at

084 919 1443 or email desw@telkomsa.net