Accusations against Twigg

Tony Ehrenreich

Cosatu has accused Grant Twigg, DA Speaker in Sub-council 2 and Ward 7 councillor, of misusing council funds for the benefit of his friends’ children – a claim Mr Twigg has denied, calling it a pre-election ruse.

In a statement on Thursday July 28, Tony Ehrenreich, Cosatu Western Cape regional secretary, said that in spite of the desperate need for recreation facilities in Kraaifontein, Mr Twigg had used council money to build a play park for his friends’ children in the street where he lives.

“This is a blatant misuse of council property,” Mr Ehrenreich claimed, calling for an investigation and Mr Twigg’s suspension. “This is just another example of DA misrule.”

However, Mr Twigg rubbished the accusations, saying he had no idea what Mr Ehrenreich was talking about.

“What a lot of crap,” he said. “If I knew what they’re talking about, I would have given some explanation.”

Mr Twigg said Cosatu was toying with people’s emotions. “It’s their last effort before the elections to try and confuse the voters.”

Bradley Muller, ANC Ward 111 candidate, has also blasted Sub-council 2 for building the R2 million spray park in Scottsville. Mr Muller said the money could have been spent on upgrading already existing facilities in the area.

Mr Twigg said the ANC and Cosatu had not raised either of the issues with him.

Neither Dirk Smit, the DA Speaker in the council, nor the City’s media office responded to Northern News’ questions at the time of going to print.