Don’t leave dogs in cars

Tara McGovern, SPCA Grassy Park

We receive numerous calls relating to dogs being left unattended in cars throughout the year.

The studies have proven that a dog can die from heatstroke in under 15 minutes inside a car, even with the windows rolled down, regardless of outside temperatures.

Of course during summer when the heat intensifies the risk is even more deadly and anyone who could choose to put their pet at risk should reap the consequences of such neglectful behaviour.

In order to correctly report such an incident to the SPCA  we ask that the public work with us to ensure there is suitable evidence to allocate an inspector to investigate the matter and trace a vehicle.

Without the correct evidence to document the case, we are unable to pursue the lead.

If you should see a dog locked in a car unattended we request that you send the following information to us via social media, email or telephonically:
1 An accurate vehicle registration, make and colour of the car.
2  A description of the dog(s) in the car (breed and colour).
3 Location of where the vehicle is parked – also in full sun or under trees etc.
4 Approximate amount of time that the complainant has observed the dog(s) in the vehicle.
5 Whether or not any windows are open.
6 Photos of the dog(s) in the car and registration, if possible.

The information above will assist the inspector that is requested to undertake a welfare inspection and educate the owner. It would be difficult for them to have a conversation with the owner / driver or issue them with a notice if they don’t have all the facts.

This information will also enable us to eliminate potentially fake complaints i.e. when someone may be using the SPCA to get back at someone for personal reasons.

We will not be able to request a trace or allocate an inspection if we do not have at least points 1 to 4.

Please send evidence via email on or call 021 7004158/9 or a/h on 083 326 1604 to report the matter.