Construction on track

Project manager, Clive Truter with Donald Grant, the MEC for Transport and Public Works and Debbie Schäfer, the MEC for Education, in the brand-new Kraaifontein High School hall currently under construction.

Excellent progress is being made on the construction of the state-of-the-art R64 million Kraaifontein High School.

The 16-month project is currently in its final phase of construction and completion is set for later this year.

The school, situated in Sydow Street, Scottsdene, will accomodate 1 110 pupils from grade 8 to 12, as well as 38 teaching and support staff.

The building has incorporated some water-wise features which include the installation of borehole facilities and a tank farm; water-wise sanitary fittings; and a water-restrictor on the water main line.

The new school will also consist of 15 senior classrooms and 15 junior classrooms, as well as specialist classrooms such as a chemistry lab, a bio lab, a computer room, two multi-purpose classrooms and a multimedia centre.

The administration section will consist of six senior management offices, a counselling room, two sick rooms, an office for the school secretary, a staff room with a kitchen, a caretaker store room and the hall with a kitchen, store room and ablution facilities.

“The Western Cape Education Department (WCED), in the current financial year, has spent over R1.2 billion on building and refurbishing school infrastructure across the province. The projects were successfully implemented by the Department of Transport and Public Works. This Kraaifontein High School project is just one of them,” said Donald Grant, the MEC for Transport and Public Works.

“This R64 million Kraaifontein High School project included extensive construction work which made use of conventional building materials and methods that remain the most economical, durable, and low-maintenance system of building.

“The project also brought with it some noteworthy empowerment opportunities for the benefit of targeted enterprises and local labourers.

“A total of 2.85% of the construction value has been allocated to targeted subcontractors, while 1.74% has been dedicated to local labour to date. 1.74% of the contract value was used to source materials from targeted suppliers and manufacturers, while on-site training opportunities in bricklaying and plastering were provided,” said Mr Grant.

“The WCED invests heavily in school infrastructure to meet the demands for schooling in the province, and to improve the quality of our schools as teaching and learning spaces.

“Due to a large growth in population in the Kraaifontein area, we have experienced an increased number of learners needing placement in schools. I am pleased that we are able to deliver a school that the Kraaifontein community can be proud of, and its learners can thrive in.

“We will also commence building a new primary school in the Wallacedene area over the next two months”, said Debbie Schäfer, the MEC for Education.

“I am pleased that the community has already taken ownership of the school which has seen the project progress smoothly and on schedule. It is important for communities to take ownership of the schools in their area and realise that they have an important role to play in protecting their community’s assets.

“I am also, however, informed that the new school is situated between two alleged rival gang areas. I appeal to the entire community to join forces to protect our learners and the school and in doing so, protect the education of our children and their futures.

“I really hope that this new school will be an institution of quality teaching and learning, where learners and teachers are safe and secure”, said Ms Schäfer.

“We look forward to returning to this site to mark the opening of this brand-new school for the Kraaifontein community, which will undoubtedly become a centre of teaching, learning, and opportunity for the many who will walk through these doors.”