House robberies rock Durbanville

A series of house robberies has plagued Durbanville homes, with Mendolsohn, Salisbury and Morgenster streets, bearing the brunt.

In Mendolsohn Street, Sonstraal Heights, two men broke into a home through the front door, on Friday June 25, at 9pm.

“Inside, they threatened a 19-year old woman and told her to stay quiet. One of the suspects also went upstairs and fetched her brothers,” said Durbanville police spokesman Captain Marchell Rhode.

“The suspects wanted to know from the woman how to switch the alarm off, but she kept quiet. The robbers later moved to the lounge area, and the lady’s brothers ran and locked themselves in one of the rooms.”

The robbers fled the scene with a Dell laptop worth R8 000.

“No one was injured during the robbery, and no arrests have been made at this stage.”

In Salisbury Street, Kenridge, a woman woke, at 3.30am on Monday June 28, to find an intruder in her bedroom. He told her to stay quiet.

“The robber took items belonging to the woman and later moved to her sister’s room. The suspect stole a Dell laptop, Lenova laptop, MacBook and two iPhones to the value of R61 000,” Captain Rhode said.

The woman later screamed from her bedroom to alert her parents, and the man escaped through an open window in the lounge.

He is still at large.

On Tuesday June 29, at 5.15pm, a disabled woman investigating her dogs’ barking found four men with pangas in the passage of her Morgenster Street home.

“The robbers pushed the woman around in her wheelchair, and she noticed that her front door was forced open. The men stole her flat-screen TV, a laptop, watch, gold ring, kettle and her Jazz motor vehicle to the value of R150 000.”

The woman escaped injury, and the robbers are still at large, said Captain Rhode.

Durbanville Community Police Forum chairman Michael Engelbrecht said there was no recent history of such incidents in Morgenster and Mendelsohn streets.

“Kenridge is not a usual hotspot area, but the current spike in incidents is closely monitored together with SAPS on a weekly basis. We also strongly encourage our community to join their local neighbourhood watch,” Mr Engelbrecht said.

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