Warning about liquor licence scam

The Western Cape Liquor Authority (WCLA) has warned businesses against a scam where liquor licences are sold unlawfully.

WCLA spokeswoman Nwabisa Mpalala said several unsuspecting people had been defrauded into buying liquor licenses that were never on sale to begin with.

She said the public must apply for a liquor licence at the WCLA.

“It is also of vital importance to apply at the WCLA when transferring a liquor licence from one person to another, removing a liquor licence from one premises to another or appointing a manager at your liquor establishment,” she said.

“Be vigilant, do not fall victim of being sold a fraudulent licence, and apply for a liquor licence at the WCLA.”

To apply for a licence, an application form has to be submitted to both the WCLA and an SAPS liquor officer.

* If you want to know more about the liquor laws or have a specific enquiry, contact WCLA’s offices during office hours on 021 204 9805 or email liquor.enquiries@wcla.gov.za