Taxi driver killed in drive-by shooting

One killed and another wounded in latest shooting at Bellville taxi rank.

A taxi driver was killed while another was wounded in a drive-by shooting at the illegal taxi rank in Belrail on Saturday, August 29, at 5:30pm. 

Bellville police spokesperson Captain Jonathan Blankenberg said no arrests have yet been made.

“An unknown vehicle was used by suspects to fire multiple shots towards the Belrail park that has been used as a terminus. One male driver was killed while another male driver was shot in the chest and no civilians were harmed in the incident,” he said.

Saturday’s shooting joins a long list of incidents that have occurred at or near the Bellville taxi terminus in recent months, which also resulted in police temporarily cordoning off the area on Wednesday, August 26. 

A Belrail resident, who called the Northern News regarding the incident, said that civilians were in queues for their respective taxis when the shooting began. 

The resident, who wished to remain anonymous for their own safety, said: “When the shooting began people ran away from the park and ended up running down my street. There were still shots being fired at the scene so they were looking for protection and one of my neighbours opened his gate so that people could hide there.” 

The resident added that some of the commuters sought refuge at her home and that after the shooting, some of the Belrail residents took some commuters home while most of them found alternative ways to travel.

Meanwhile, at 2:10am on Friday, August 28, three men broke into a spaza shop in Fisantekraal and stole R2 000 worth of cigarettes, R2 000 worth of groceries and R3 000 cash

Durbanville police spokesperson Captain Marchel Rhode said that the three men forced open security bars and broke a padlock to gain entry to the shop. 

Captain Rhode said: “A woman was asleep in another room but she awoke when she heard a noise inside the shop. When she went to investigate, she discovered the three men and one of them threatened her with a hammer and they told her to remain quiet.” 

Captain Rhode added that another two men were waiting outside the shop.

The women was not harmed.

A case of business robbery is being investigated by police and no arrests have been made.