Safety campaign

Singer Bianca Malan

Parow police hosted safety awareness campaigns at Parow Valley Primary and Parow High schools last month, to address the spate of child killings in the province.

Captain Kevin Williams, spokesman for Parow police, said the school safety programmes were run during Youth Month.

“We needed to mobilise all resources and people to ensure the safety of our children. The corporate communication department at Parow police station initiated the project to empower children to report any strange behaviour against them to parents, teachers and police. We decided to use animated music and sound to teach safety tips to pupils. Police will continue its safety programme in partnership with all schools during the new school term and managed to reach close to 1 450 children during June.”

Captain Williams said during the programme they also taught children about “stranger danger” and educated children about the negative impact of bullying in schools.

“The anti-bullying campaign highlighted the need for friendships at schools.”