Residents on ‘high’ alert after snake pic

A Brackenfell resident posted this picture on Facebook asking what kind of snake this is.

A Brackenfell resident who posted a picture of a snake on Facebook, asking whether it was poisonous, was met by disbelieving readers.

People were quick to respond on the Brackenfell News and Info group with “LOLs” and laughing emojis but Raynard Conradie, insisted that the picture was really taken in his garden.

“This picture was taken here in Brackenfell,” he said. “Look how dead and dry the grass is. I use all my grey water, coffee water, everything for my bush.”

The “bush” was a lushly growing, clearly well-cared for marijuana plant — and the mystery snake was making itself at home beneath it.

No one took the post seriously. Martin Booker said: “Haha. Lekker lag ek nou, hehe.”

Another joked: “Gee nie om nie. Kan ek die struik kry?”

Several others also offered to remove the snake if they could have the bush.

Mr Conradie then replied: “Ek edit gou die foto dat mens nie my ‘struik’ kan sien nie.”

Lana Nel suggested: “Jy moes dalk net jou plant geskuif het voor jy fotos neem. Nou gaan die mense jou nie wil help om slang te vang tensy jy jou plant met hulle deel nie.”

Others complimented him on getting the snake to protect such a valuable plant.

Valerie Styer said: “Had such a good laugh now. Thanks. But tell me something, are you bragging?”

Diane Spence said: “Dis ’n ‘puff’ adder,” to which Pierre Shamley added: “Puff-puff-pass adder.”

Jesse Axel Arendse said: “I heard that if that snake bites it’s guaranteed to cause extreme hunger, hallucinations, red eyes and cotton mouth.”

Dominique Paquot-Terblanche said: “Absolutely looove your tomato plant…you are so bringing a mixed salad on the next braai.”

Renetta Saul Raynard said: “Daai slang is lam van die slow boat. Hy gaan jou niks doen nie. Hy het giggelgras in.”

Jaco Claassen said: “Lyk my almal in Brackenfell ken dit. Geen wonder julle is chill so nie.”

According to snake handler Johann Roux the picture has been doing the rounds on Facebook.

“That is a rattlesnake, so not a species you get in South Africa. That photo was probably taken in the USA.”