Police, neighbourhood watch join forces for successful arrest

Bellville police have applauded members of the Oakdale Neighbourhood Watch following the arrest of an alleged wall jumper at the weekend.
Members of the neighbourhood watch chased and apprehended the 18-year-old man with two stolen cellphones on Saturday January 18 before calling the police who then made the arrest. 

Bellville police spokesman, Captain Jonathan Blankenberg, said: “The suspect was seen jumping over a wall in a property in Ashtown Road and was chased by residents and members of the neighbourhood watch. Over the last few weeks, there have been at least three successful arrests of guys jumping over the walls to steal items and that has all been down to the vigilance and dedication of the neighbourhood watch.” 

Ashtown Road resident and member of the Oakdale Neighbourhood Watch, Kenny Dinwoodie, said the area was on high alert because of a growing number of thefts.  

Mr Dinwoodie said: “At this moment in time, we as the neighbourhood watch are aware of approximately four wall jumpers and have apprehended three of the alleged suspects. Items that have been stolen range from garden furniture to any tools that can be sold for cash.”