Overcoming adversity

Right: Brigadier Andre van Dyk, Pauline Nel and Commander of the Year, Captain Rikus Boshoff.

D Beelders, Vasco

Surely the Gallant family’s victory over adversity was and can well be, an example to all, irrespective of what tragedy may hit (“Family conquers adversity,” Northern News, Wednesday February 14).

And besides, it was a fantastic “good news” story — for a change. Unlike the number of problematic, condemned and derelict properties in the Goodwood and Vasco area.

Some have been a contentious, grievous issue to numerous residents for as long as seven years.

Mr Gallant’s actions should serve as an example to the City and law enforcement.

Following the fire, a guard was put on duty and the windows and doors were boarded up so that trespassers could not enter the property.

As the gutted property was demolished, the rubble, was removed.

No new building material was dumped on the pavement.

In less than a year, a new home had arisen out of the ashes.

I am sure many will wish them everything of the best, as a family, in the days to come.

The front page picture used was also fantastic.