More work planned for Voortrekker Road

The refurbished Voortrekker Road between Jakes Gerwel Drive and Vasco Boulevard in Goodwood.

The refurbishment of further sections of Voortrekker Road in Bellville is planned for this financial year, says the City of Cape Town.

The City recently completed work on the road between Jakes Gerwel Drive and Vasco Boulevard in Goodwood.

The newly resurfaced road has been open to commuters since last month.

According to the City, the project cost R10 million, and entailed the relaying of isolated sections of drainage channels, and the removal and replacement of the existing asphalt surfacing.

Voortrekker Road is the main corridor linking the northern suburbs to the city centre .

“Regular road maintenance prolongs the longevity of the City’s road network which is one of our most important assets as it enables the movement of people and goods, and economic activity and growth,” said Rob Quintas, mayoral committee member for transport, during a visit to the area.

Noticing that a cover for a stormwater drain had been stolen along Voortrekker Road, he said the theft of City infrastructure was a drain on already limited resources.

“Also, it seriously endangers the lives of pedestrians in the area. We cannot tolerate the theft and vandalism anymore, and I ask that all residents please report stolen covers and other damaged infrastructure to the City’s transport information centre as soon as they notice it. The number is 0800 65 64 63 and agents are available 24/7.”