Kuils River Technical High School urges parents to pay up

The Kuils River Technical School has warned that standards could drop at the school if parents don’t pay their fees. File picture.

Kuils River Technical High School has urged parents to pay their fees to prevent standards from dropping.

“A mere 10% of parents are diligently paying school fees; we cannot operate the school with no money,” the school said in a statement.

“School governing body educators must be paid. When we do not have these extra teachers, your child will be one of the 60 to 70 in a class.

“This will mean that he/she has to struggle to get the attention of the educator. In certain cases, learners will sit on the floor as we do not have enough desks and chairs.”

The school said it would need six governing body teachers for the 2023 academic year, but they could not be employed if parents did not pay their fees.

The school did not respond by time of publication to follow-up questions.

A Kuils River community activist Latifah Jacobs said: “I understand our schools are in need of funds and people need to pay their fees to remain operational, but the school must also not forget that we come from the epidemic.

“The children that attend the school stays in middle class (households) and vulnerable areas of Kuils River. They should not forget that.”