Goodwood SAPS arrest drug dealer, cell phone thief

Acting on a tip-off, police arrested a 34-year old man on drug charges at a house in Wicht Street, Goodwood, on Tuesday February 14.

Goodwood police spokesman Captain Waynne Theunis said officers had seized 200 ecstasy tablets, 74 packets of dagga and 11 mandrax tablets.

“With this arrest, Goodwood police showed how serious they are about following up information from members of the community. All information will be treated as confidential,” said Captain Theunis.

* On Wednesday February 15, Goodwood police arrested a 25-year-old man, minutes after he allegedly robbed a man chatting on his phone in a train at Elsies River railway station.

Captain Theunis, said the suspect had grabbed the man’s phone and jumped out of the train, with his victim in pursuit.

“An eyewitness called the
police while the complainant was chasing the suspect,” said Captain Theunis.

Sergeant Ralph Steyn, who was on patrol in Voortrekker Road, saw the two men running. He stopped next to the suspect, and was quickly joined by the man who had been robbed.

Sergeant Steyn recovered the cellphone. The man appeared in the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court on a charge of robbery.

* Goodwood’s acting station commander Lieutenant Colonel Hennie Rademeyer has called on residents to be more alert, following a spike in thefts out of motor vehicles and house
break-ins, which happen mostly at night.

Lieutenant Colonel Rademeyer said negligence contributed to these cases.

“Valuables are still left inside motor vehicles and motor vehicles are still parked in the street and in driveways while garages are not used.

“A number of housebreaking incidents happened where alarm systems were not activated and doors were not properly locked.

“We urge people to give attention to these things and by doing this it will make it difficult for criminals to commit these crimes,” he said.