Going, going, gone! Goodwood says good riddance to problem houses

In January, neighbours watched 68 Milton Road burn as fire services dowsed flames. Picture: KAREN WATKINS

Two vacant houses in Goodwood that became home to vagrants and thieves are a thing of the past as they were demolished early last week. 

The houses at 68 and 70 Milton Road are part of the estate of the late Gerhardus Malherbe, who died on August 8 2018. Both were sold to the Rawoots Family Investment Trust, with transfer taking place in November 2019.

The buyer applied to demolish both houses, but this became a lengthy process with lockdown and Covid-19. He also had to get permission from Heritage Western Cape because they were more than 60 years old.

Last year, Faizel Petersen, the chairman of Goodwood Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association, red-flagged the “despicable” condition of the properties. They had been plundered of everything, from geysers and window frames to doors, flooring and wiring.

Then, in January, neighbours watched 68 Milton Road burn. A neighbour said no sooner had the fire services left than people had moved onto the site.

After the fire, Nur Rawoot vowed to secure, clear and clean the property. At that time, and according to the executor of the estate, Andre van Rhyn, the plan was to consolidate the properties and then build flats.

On Friday July 31, the remnants of the houses were being cleared by a digger. On Monday, Mr Rawoot said he would fence the property and leave it empty for now as he was busy with other projects.