Durbanville drunk drivers arrested

Traffic police arrested 22 motorists for drunk driving and three more for reckless and negligent driving in Durbanville on Friday August 11.

One of them was the driver of a BMW who was spotted racing along Durbanville Avenue by a Ghost Squad officer.

He turned around and gave chase, but lost the suspect.

A few minutes later, officers received a call about a collision in the Bellville area, and, upon arrival, they found that it was the same BMW which had hit another vehicle.

The driver was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol as well as for reckless and negligent driving. He was treated at hospital for slight injuries sustained in the collision.

“I hope that this motorist will learn from this incident, which could have had really tragic consequences,” said mayoral committee member for safety and security; and social services, JP Smith.

“However, experience has taught us that even where illegal street racing ends in tragedy, it does little to put the brakes on this type of activity.

“We will, however, continue our enforcement efforts to rid our streets of this recklessness.”