Deon Beelders, Vasco

It is heartwarming to note that the person, perhaps a “loveable mother”, who dumped used disposable nappies on the pavement at the sports fields in Milton Roads had a change of heart and ceased the practice, but then very recently dumped 27 nappies with other rubbish just around the corner in Hamilton Street, along with another 16 nappies with rubbish a few metres away.

Clearly no thought was given to the health risk; the City cleaners; those living nearby; and passing dogs, let alone City by-laws.

Having checked out the contents scattered around there is no doubt they are from the same source.

I wonder what sort of parent (if it applies) it can be and how the young their child is.

Can somebody shed some light on such distasteful, repugnant, totally unacceptable traits.

Chairperson of the Goodwood Ratepayers’ Association, Brian Lawson, responds:

Residents wanting to report dumping can call 086 010 3089 or SMS 31373. This applies to all residents of Goodwood when they become aware of illegal dumping.

They need to obtain a reference number, the name of the person to whom it was reported to and the date, in the event that it becomes necessary to follow-up.

Every resident must take responsibility for their own area and, in so doing, we will be able to curb this scourge.

Residents should also be aware that if any person is seen dumping, that person will be reported to law enforcement and could receive a hefty fine. This issue is discussed regularly at the Goodwood Ratepayers’ Association meetings and will be discussed again at the next meeting