Drunk driver caught speeding

A pedestrian was killed in Kraaifontein in a hit-and-run on Saturday August 26.

Byron La Hoe, the spokesperson for the provincial Department of Transport and Public Works, said the pedestrian was knocked down in Brighton Road at 1am.

The pedestrian was among six fatalities on the province’s roads at the weekend, which included two hit-and-runs. The other hit-and-run was on Jakes Gerwel Drive on the same day.

Two motorists were also arrested for drunk driving and speeding in Brackenfell during the early hours of Saturday morning.

The speeding motorist was caught clocking the highest illegal speed in the province. This is the second week in a row that the dubious title was claimed in Brackenfell.

Mr La Hoe said the the driver was caught driving 164 km/h in a 120 km/h zone on the N1 between Durban Road and Brighton Road at 3.45am.

He said the strip of road was a “hot spot for many arrests”.

Saturday’s speedster was not arrested, however.

“The incident was recorded by means of manual speed camera. The person will be summoned to appear in court on charges of excessive speeding and reckless driving,” Mr La Hoe said.

The drunk driver was arrested at 1.24am. Mr La Hoe did not disclose in which road the arrest occurred.

A total of 357 speeding offences were recorded and 225 fines in the total amount of R298 850 for various offences over the weekend.

* Kraaifontein residents took to social media on Sunday August 28 to find out what was the cause of the loud bang in the early hours of the morning.

Jaydee Van Rooyen asked the Northpine Facebook page: “Was that an explosion at 2.56am?”

Residents commented that the blast had been heard as far afield as Buh Rein Estate, which is 3.5km away, and Protea Village, which is 4.5km away.

Anton Peacock said the noise had been an ATM bombing in Bloekombos. Provincial police spokesperson, Captain FC Van Wyk, said the bombing happened in Jackson Masala Street but the would-be robbers got away with no money. No one was injured, he said.

* Brackenfell police have warned of a old scam that has resurfaced.

Captain Erica Crous said several incidents were reported years ago and now another one was reported last week, when a 38-year old woman fell victim to the hoax and lost jewellery and money as a result.

Captain Crous said that the woman was leaving a shop in the Brackenfell Centre on the morning of Wednesday August 23 when she saw what looked like a roll of cash on the ground.

“She picked it up and approached the man walking in front of her, wanting to know if it was his money,” Captain Crous said.

The man asked her to come with him to the parking area. A man presenting himself as a police officer met them at a black car.

The “police officer” told the woman that the man would go to a specific till point in the shop and take half of the money while leaving his personal belongings with the “police officer”.

When he returned they advised the woman to do the same.

The woman left her rings and money with the men and went to collect “her share of the money” from the cashier.

“She realised that something was wrong when the cashier did not know what she was talking about. When she returned, the two suspects were gone with her belongings,” Captain Crous said.