Cops on high alert for burglars, robbers


Goodwood police are upping patrols following a rise in burglaries and robberies in the suburb, including one at midnight on Saturday March 12, when three men kicked in the front door of a Dirkie Uys Street house.

Armed with guns, the intruders stole a wallet and car keys and stabbed the homeowner.

Goodwood police spokesman Lieutenant Waynne Theunis said the man was in a stable condition. The robbers are still at large.

* Goodwood police caught a 35-year-old man with a stolen motorbike on Wednesday March 9. Sergeant André Abrahams and constables Ralph Steyn and Simangele Shili spotted a man, who is known to the police, leaving the Goodwood Magistrate’s Court with a motorbike helmet in his hand.

Lieutenant Theunis said the officers knew the man did not own a motorbike, so when they saw him climb onto a white and green one they decided to question him.

However, when the officers asked the man to pull over, he sped off in the direction of Elsies River. The policemen pursued him until he lost control of the bike on the Elsies River bridge. He fled on foot, but police arrested him at the Elsies River taxi rank.

Police found the bike’s registration number and licence disc each belonged to two different cars, and the engine number was traced as stolen in Elsies River.

The chase that had started at the magistrate’s court ended there on Friday March 11 when the man appeared in court for being in possession of a stolen motorbike.