Celebrating rugby and hope through song

Luvuezo Antonio

A Belhar rugby player has written a song dedicated to rugby stars past and present.

Luvuezo Antonio, 25, plays rugby for Belhar Rugby Club and is also a vocalist who has performed locally since the age of 20. 

His song, Superstar, is sung in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. It will be released online on Friday September 4. 

“I made this song to celebrate our local rugby players who, despite their circumstances, made their country proud by winning the World Cup in 2019. It’s a song of ‘hope’ – youngsters can see that all things are possible,” he said.

“I want to inspire them to chase their dreams whether it’s in sport, music or academics. I also want to inspire them to do what they love and, while doing so, they will stay off the streets and corners and away from drugs and other illegal substances. I want this song to be a glimmer of hope, to remind youngsters of the Cape Flats and rural areas that they can become a superstar never mind what their circumstances are, or what background they are coming from. My immediate audience might be the people from my community, but, in fact, I want to inspire each and everyone across the globe because we all superstars in our own unique way.” 

The Delft resident wrote the lyrics and music for Superstar. He plans to release his first album on his birthday, October 17.