Bellville police outline plans to fight crime


Bellville police station commander Brigadier Andre van Dyk says the police have put several strategies in place to keep crime down in the area.

This was his message during a meeting with the Bellville Community Police Forum and various organisations on Thursday April 21.

It was a chance for residents to hear from the police and City law enforcement about crime and general by-law transgressions.

Brigadier Van Dyk said the overall crime rate in the area had dropped in the past financial year but a lot of work still needed to be done.

“We are aware of the increase in crime in Oakdale, Loevenstein and Stellenridge. We are working hard to bring these figures down and want to see a change in these areas.”

He said police had improved relations with neighbourhood watches and residents but there had been a change in crime patterns and threats in the area.

He pointed to a number of crowbar-related burglary cases they had dealt with but noted there was not one crowbar gang or group.

“We have deployed sector commanders to delegated areas and have set clear production goals which serves as a motivator to our staff.

“We are measuring the performance of our staff against these targets,” Brigadier Van Dyk said.

He said in the past three weeks the station had arrested 23 of the 112 suspects it was pursuing for various offences.

“We were able to get more resources which has helped to improve our reaction times.

“We are committed to making Bellville a safer place over the next financial year.

“We believe that a positive workforce can bring about change and ensure a safer community for all,” he said.

Mayoral committee member for social development and early childhood development Suzette Little was the guest speaker at the meeting and outlined the City’s plan to tackle homelessness in the area.