Be positive, says Covid-19 survivor

Tygerberg Hospital chief porter Anthony McKenzie from Kuils River.

Anthony McKenzie, of Kuils River, is chief porter at Tygerberg Hospital and a survivor of Covid-19.

Mr McKenzie learnt in April that he had picked up Covid-19. He got tested after feeling weak and losing his senses of taste and smell. “I isolated myself, rested, drank a lot of water, bought vitamin C tablets and paracetamol. The fear of losing the fight was great, but I learned to live with it and take the necessary precautions to limit the risk and to protect my family,” he says. 

He returned to work at the beginning of May and he credits support from his family and colleagues for getting him through the illness.

Mr McKenzie’s job involves moving patients around the hospital, but he says he tries to limit the time he spends in close contact with patients, colleagues and the public.He says his managers have been very good about driving home the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE), hand washing and physical distancing.

“We’re in a war where we are all on the same side fighting a pandemic. The management drilled us to attend training sessions to familiarise ourselves with the virus and how to contain it,” he says. 

His message, apart from encouraging the public to obey all the Covid-19 safety regulations, is to be positive, “We are not alone in the fight against Covid-19. Put safety first. Tygerberg Hospital staff you are all real heroes,” he says.