Bellville charity group helps others

Bellville-based non-profit Badisa has built itself a reputation as an ally of the needy and vulnerable.

The organisation’s Annemarie Bezuidenhout says the programmes have adapted to the changing needs of society. 

The basic needs we address are the neglect, abuse, care, development and rehabilitation of vulnerable people such as children, older persons, persons with disability and people with substance dependency.”

Badisa employs 3 000 staff, including nurses, carers and social workers, while they also have an equal amount of and has just as many volunteers. 

“The organisation started as the welfare services of the Dutch Reformed Church (Western Cape) and the Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa (Cape). Although the new organisation was only established in 2003, our various programmes have been offering social services since the 1800’s,” Ms Bezuidenhout said.

Much of Badisa’s work helps children and the elderly.

“More than 40% of South Africa’s children are victims of child abuse and neglect. This is a huge problem in South Africa. Badisa is committed to social development through community-based programmes. A total of 120 000 children are protected through our various child protection programmes. We also render social services to more than 800 000 individuals through our various programmes.” 

Ms Bezuidenhout said that because Badisa was only partially funded by the government it needed to raise millions of rand annually to stay effective. 

“We invite the public to support our various events and fund-raising projects,” she said.