Ward 21 elections

Kenneth Brookes
With the memory of voting in the national and provincial elections still fresh on their minds, the registered voters of Ward 21 will once again be heading to the polls on Wednesday June 19, but this time for a by-election to choose a new councillor.

The by-election comes after the previous Ward 21 councillor, Taki Amira, died from cancer in March.

Six parties are contesting the by-election: the Democratic Alliance (DA), the African National Congress (ANC), The Cape Party, the Democratic Independent Party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the newly formed Organic Humanity Movement (OHM).

Representing the DA will be Hendri Terblanche, a Durbanville resident who made headlines in December after he successfully petitioned for the fathers to get more leave days to take care of their newborns.

He said, “My mandate is to listen to residents and the issues affecting the community. I will continue to serve the community and to be their voice in council. I will involve the residents as activists and volunteers to create an empowered environment where everyone works together for the greater benefit of the community.”

While the DA will be looking to retain the ward, the by-election will mark the debut of OHM, a party formed by former City of Cape Town employee Lauren Bernado and will be represented by Lucinda Valentine, a qualified social worker who has experience of working with major parties.

Ms Valentine has a similar background to Ms Bernado and the pair hope to make a big impact during the campaign.

Ms Bernado said: “The party was founded in August 2017 and a year later we were a registered party. Our aim is to of course win this by-election and go on to form part of the ballot for all elections going forward. We have set ourselves a goal of winning the national elections in 2029.”

Ms Valentine said the party will be looking to alleviate many of the issues facing the country by actively empowering the population to better their own situations.

“From working in politics I have seen how things truly are and I feel that we can truly change things with our core values and principles. I’m a Durbanville girl through and through and I have spent the most of the campaign actually physically going door-to-door and speaking to people in the area and I can say that most of them are listening to our message,” she said.

Representing the Democratic Independent Party is Kenneth Brookes, who has worked in the northern suburbs for emergency services over the past 19 years.

Mr Brookes is also involved in various groups such as the small business forums, neighbourhood watches and community outreach programmes.

“My vision for Ward 21 is to firstly pledge 20% of my salary towards community organisations and neighbourhood watches while also establishing small business forums and helping these businesses grow,” he said.

Mr Brookes also promised a more integrated community as well a focus on promoting community safety through monthly walks, CCTV cameras, street cleaning programmes and a 48 hour response time to service delivery requests.

The other candidates contesting are John Jacobs of the ANC, Ruben Botha of the EFF and Carin Brynard of The Cape Party.

None of them were available to give comment by the time of going to print.

Voting takes place from 7am on Wednesday June 19 at your local voting station.     

Areas in Ward 21: Amanda Glen (Bellville); Amanda Glen (Durbanville; Bellville (South of Eversdal Road, West of Chantecler Avenue); Betanie; Bloemhof; Upper Oakdale (West of the Bloemhof Electricity Department including PP Smit Sports Grounds, South of Bill Bezuidenhout, East of Edward Street);Chantecler (South of St  Mark Street, west of Chantecler Road, south of Patou Avenue, west of Amanda Glen build-up area, north-west of Mountain view Crescent); Durbanville;Durbanville Hills; Durbell; Everglen; Eversdal; Eversdal (Durbanville); Eversdal Heights; Okennedyville; Ridgeworth; Rosendal; Rosenpark; Sonstraal Heights; Sonstraal Heights (West of the R300 Extention Road Reserve); Stellenberg; Stellenridge; Stellenryk; Valmary Park; Vygeboom.