Clean-up uncovers weapons

The dangerous weapons which were confiscated during the clean-up.
The Monte Vista Neighbourhood Watch (MVNHW), City of Cape Town law enforcement, police and other role-players confiscated various dangerous weapons and house break-in implements while having a clean-up operation along the Monte Vista railway line last week.

Riana de Wet, coordinator of the clean-up operation and secretary of the Monte Vista Ratepayers’ Association, said during the operation they confiscated knives, screwdrivers and house break-in implements. 

“We found most of the weapons, after searching the homeless. We photographed and documented the weapons before handing it over to the police. We also picked up a few weapons in the dirt,” she said.

Ms De Wet said she was disgusted at the amount of dirt strewn along the railway line. 

“The amount of waste we removed was horrendous. We, along with City law enforcement, also broke down quite a few informal dwellings. We were also amazed to find bags filled with perfectly good clothing just dumped around the dwellings,” she said.

She said the clean-up team received training from City law enforcement before embarking on the clean-up every second Saturday. 

“The hot spot areas for dumping and loitering are under the Giel Basson bridge; the N1 City bridge and Alice Street. Even though we are in Monte Vista, we know that what happens on the other side of the N1 highway also affects us,” she said.

Ms De Wet said even though they offer the homeless help they often refuse it. 

“A  lot of them are arrogant, when we offer them help. They say they are not interested. We even offer to take them to the safe space for the homeless in the CBD but they refuse,” she said.

She said there were close to 20 homeless people present during the operation.

Ms De Wet said they will have another clean-up operation, today, Wednesday June 12.

“We will take members from the Department of Social Development as well as representatives from the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa,” she said.

She said residents who would like to take part in the clean-up, should contact the neighbourhood watch on 079 770 5971 or email for more information.