Wallacedene twins excel on track and field

Rhuwaidin and Rhuwailin Bruiners are pictured with their coach Tyrone Loubsher.

Identical twins Rhuwaidin and Rhuwailin Bruiners,13, of Wallacedene, know what it is like to not only fast but also to haul in the medals.

The Parkdene Primary School pupils have been part of the school’s athletics team since they were in Grade 4.

They are well known for their fast feet on the running track and record-breaking high jump and long jump skills.

At their recent interschool sports day on Saturday February 9, they competed against six other primary schools.

The pair walked away from the event with at least two gold medals each.

Both won their 100m races and both came second in their 200m races.

Topping the long jump scores, Rhuwailin won with a 5.07m jump and Rhuwaidin came in at 4.9m.

Being each others competitors, they say they do not have friends but push each other to do well in athletics and academics.

“I am the fastest because I was born five minutes before my brother,” said Rhuwaidin.

The boys train in their street and during their breaks either sit with their school books or feed their pigeons.

Every morning, the twins first make a turn at the Bernadino Heights High School’s sports ground to use the running track. Rhuwalin said that in the future he would like to be a world-famous sprinter alongside his brother.

Their coach and teacher, Tyrone Loubsher, said the twins’ talents were recognised when he trained them back when they were in Grade 4.

“They were always good at high jump and long jump but trained themselves to be fast runners,” he said.

“The next step is to get their Western Province colours because they have the potential to become good athletes,” he said.