TASK seeking solutions to Covid-19

TASK’s volunteer recruitment team alongside their medical research mobile station.

TASK, a Parow-based clinical research institute, has joined the fight against Covid-19 with several medical research projects aimed at finding solutions to the virus.

One of these involves repurposing a 100-year-old TB vaccine, Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) to fight Covid-19.

TASK hopes a clinical trial with volunteers from the community will show that revaccinating adults with BCG may lessen the severity of Covid-19’s symptoms.

The trial started in May last year and involves 1000 volunteers. The results are expected to be made public later this year.

“We are pleased that we can play our part in the fight against the pandemic,” said Duncan McDonald, the institute’s head of business development and communication. “TASK is committed to better health for all, and we value our local community in Cape Town as they are instrumental to achieving our goals.”

A participant in the trial, whose name will remain anonymous until the trial is completed, said: “I hope that by participating in this study I help others. As a medical staff member in government this is my mission, and I am glad to see all stakeholders rally to fight this pandemic. TASK staff were professional and friendly and my experience being involved in the trial has been a positive one.”