Scottsdene woman shot near home

Picture: Solly Lottering

Hester Taaibosch, of Scottsdene, was shot about 300m from her Joseph Avenue home.

According to the Daily Voice, Ms Taaibosch, 55, was shot in Carmen Street, which runs into Joseph Avenue.

Provincial police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk said she had been killed in the early hours of the morning while on her way to work.

“She was shot and fatally wounded. She passed away on the scene,” he said.

The Taaibosch family declined to speak to the Northern News but one family member expressed grief and anger on social media.

“I’m so sick and tired of this reactionary police services,” he said. “What has happened to pro-active policing in our communities? You only see massive police patrollings (sic) after someone has been killed in Scottsdene.”

He called on leaders to take action, saying: “When will our community leaders, political leaders and church leaders stand up and show these bastards that their criminal activities will not be tolerated anymore? How many innocent people must die before our communities will take a stand against this evil?”

Replying to his post, a resident said: “We need to wake up, Scottsdene, before it’s too late… I think the death of Auntie Hester, or as many knew her by the name of Doekies, was uncalled for and enough is enough.”

Another replied: “Dit is so waar. Julle moet sien hoe staan polisie vans dag en nag by Elsies omdat die gemeenskap saamstaan. Dit baat nie ons praat baie nie, dus ’n saak van opruk. Ons moet Kraaifontein terugeis.”

Carmen and its connecting streets have been the scene of several shootings and gun-related crimes in recent months.

A month ago, residents tried to stop police from arresting a gun-toting man in Carmen Street (“Scottsdene residents try to free suspect,” Northern News, April 19).

The week before that, on Sunday April 9, a man was shot dead in Joseph Avenue.

Within less than an hour of that shooting, another man was killed in Cavaleria Avenue, which also runs into Joseph Avenue.

Last year, a 20-year-old man was shot 20 times in Carmen Street (“Man dies in hail of bullets in Scottsdene,” Northern News, July 27 2016).

Also last year, in August, two men were shot, one of whom died, within a day of each other, in Cavaleria Street (“Body on street ‘for hours’,” Northern News, August 10 2016).

According to the Daily Voice, Ms Taaibosch was well-known in the community for her generosity.

Anyone with any information about the shooting can call Crime Stop at 08600 10111.