Scottsdene gangster shot dead

Chico van Rooyens body is seen in his car where he was shot dead.

Chico van Rooyen, allegedly a well-known 28s gangster from Scottsdene, was shot and killed in his car on Tuesday April 19 at the Eikendal train station.

Provincial police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk said a 34-year-old man was shot dead on the corner of Eleventh Avenue and Petersen Street, Eikendal.

According to reports in the community, it was Mr Van Rooyen.

The Daily Voice reported that Mr Van Rooyen was waiting for his wife to disembark from the train, when he was shot. The paper also reported that he was popular in the community.

Grant Twigg, during his opening address at the Sub-council 2 meeting on Thursday April 20, said he had met with Mr Van Rooyen the day before he had died.

He did not elaborate on the details of the meeting but said that certain areas of Kraaifontein were becoming “war zones”.

“As councillors, we are doing our best but that is not part of our scope of work,” he said.

“For us it is really becoming a difficult area to work in,” he said.

Mr Twigg called on church leaders to play a bigger role in combating the scourge of gangsterism. He said gangsters’ family members were church goers and he called on pastors and priests to do more.

“Ons kerke is baie stil,” he said. “We need to see how we can have an influence through our churches.”

On Facebook, a boy who appeared to be Mr Van Rooyen’s nephew put a tribute up to him. Describing himself as “heartbroken” the boy said: “RIP uncle. Gonna miss you. I’ll always love you.”