‘Pre-loved’ but not worn-out

Organiser of the Goodwood Pre-Loved Fashion Market Tamerrin Dixon.

Being stylish doesn’t have to cost the Earth, says the woman who runs a market in Goodwood where yesterday’s fashion must-haves flee the back of the closet to be fabulous again.

Tamerrin Dixon says she started the Goodwood Pre-Loved Fashion Market to make fashion more sustainable – basically putting the brakes on humanity’s ever-more rapacious craving to buy new stuff… and toss the “old” stuff on a landfill. Tamerrin, a graphic designer by trade, says the market brings together people wanting to make a few bucks selling clothes they don’t wear anymore and those hunting for a quality piece of gear at a bargain price.

The first market was held at the Goodwood civic centre in December last year.

“Spending less on fashion at the market means you help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint,” says Tamerrin, who prides herself on being a savvy buyer when it comes to fashion.

She’s a big believer in the power of having a strong signature piece in the wardrobe, one that can be worn for various occasions and accent other outfits.

“I play a lot of roles on any given day,” says Tamerrin. “As a partner, mother, and business owner, it’s imperative for me to have go-to transitional pieces that I know I can wear from a school drop-off, to the office and then to dinner.”

Trends come and go, she says, so she tries to spot clothes and accessories with staying power that can be worn in several ways.

“I do have a rule: for every fashion piece added to my wardrobe (pre-loved or new), I must remove a fashion piece from it. This keeps my style fresh and makes me aware of what I reach for and what I don’t anymore.”

She says “fast fashion” is a reality but you don’t have to spend a fortune to be trendy.

“Pre-loved fashion doesn’t mean old, worn-out, hand-me-down clothing that has lost its shine,” she says. “The garments at the market may have only been worn once or never, and they’re a fraction of their original cost.”

The next market will be at the Goodwood Sports Club, in Milton Road, on Saturday November 3 and on Saturday December 1, from 9am to 2pm. There will be about 80 fashion-filled stalls and a selection of food stalls. Entry is free.

Visitors to the market will also be able to place clothing in donation bins for needy organisations.

Email thegoodwoodmarket@gmail.com for more information.