Police looking into claims of racial abuse

One of the areas that will be monitored by the Voortrekker Road Corridor Improvement District.

Police are going through video footage of an alleged racist incident at a Pick ‘n Pay store between a white and a black customer.

Parow West resident Sindiswa Xundu said she had been humiliated as she had stood in a queue at the Pick ‘n Pay Family store as a white customer had shouted racial abuse at her.

Ms Xundu said she had been at the till at the Parow store and had wanted to add items after her sale had been completed, but a white customer behind her had taken offence.

“That is where the issue started, and she said I have to wait and bring the other stuff later, and ‘in fact I don’t even like black people and have no respect for them and since you took over you have no respect and you are a monkey’.

I was really calm and just said: ‘Oh really, I thought I was a human being’.”

Ms Xundu said the woman had continued shouting at her, adding that she should “go back to where monkeys are”.

“She saw my car keys and watch and said: ‘You can wear your gold watch and drive a Mercedes Benz, but you will never stop being a monkey.’

“I was so upset, but I managed to remain calm. As she was yelling, I got wisdom to take a picture of her. I was so embarrassed, and my eyes were just on her and I didn’t even see who was watching what was happening.”

Ms Xundu said the woman had violated her dignity unprovoked. She has laid a case of crimen injuria.

“I decided to go to the police because I am not a fighting type, and I believe that justice can be served if I lay a charge. I also want to raise awareness that these things happen.

“I didn’t want to take the law into my own hands.

“I couldn’t believe it happened to me. I have been living with and working with people of all colours, including white people, and I have never been a victim of racism.”

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel André Traut confirmed that a case of crimen injuria had been opened for investigation.

Pick ‘n Pay spokeswoman Tamra Veley said the franchise’s manager had notified the company about the incident and its customer-services manager had apologised to Ms Xundu and offered her assistance.

Ms Veley said the store had never experienced such an incident before, and it would co-operate fully with the police investigation and provide video footage if required. — Cape Argus