Meet Miss Earth 2018

Margo Adonis.

Margo Adonis, 29, of Kuils River, is a Miss Earth 2018 semi-finalist.

She works in Bellville as a scientific technician for the provincial Department of Water and Sanitation and says she saw the contest as a chance to work with the youth.

“One day my colleagues and I were sitting and discussing this, they then suggested that I give it a chance. I hesitated for a while and entered but I could not believe that I was chosen, And now, I am in the semi-finals.”

The Miss Earth South Africa competition is a leadership programme that creates awareness of sustainable development, the environment, wildlife and conservation, and ultimately the preservation of Mother Earth.

She plans to work with young people and get involved in environmental protection projects if she wins.

“I was very two-minded about entering the competition, but I broke social barriers. I entered this competition to prove to myself and so many other young girls that we are not defined by social barriers where we think we do not belong or we are not good enough.

“We are all presented with the same opportunities. We just have to find the courage within ourselves to take the chance,” she said.

She visited the Bright Stars Safe Home – a refuge for abandoned children – in Belmont Park on Saturday July 21, where she gave toiletries and food parcels to children of all ages.

“The kids and I were so emotional,” said Ms Adonis. “We enjoyed doing different activities, and later I sat down with some of the older kids, like those in matric, finding out from them what career paths they have chosen.”