Keeping kids occupied

Children and facilitators at last years outreach programme at the FF Erasmus Hall in Kraaifontein. On the right is Reverend Samuel Dean.

Kuils River community worker Dawn Roode has organised several events for the less privileged over the festive season.

One of her main goals is to make sure children are safe during the holidays, and are not lured into taking drugs or caught up in crime.

Last week, milk and loaves of bread were distributed to needy families and seniors in Sarepta; while cupcakes and juice were given to Grade 7 pupils at Irista Primary School in Kuils River. The children there had recently taken part in a school play, True Treasure, which drew praise for its individual and group performances.

Clothing and food will be distributed in different neighbourhoods including Kalkfontein and Sarepta today and tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday December 14 and 15.

On Reconciliation Day, Friday December 16, several activities will be held in and around Kuils River. At Kalkfontein Primary, the 200 Children Challenge, launched by Claude Julius, who is also from Kuils River, will see about 200 children spoilt with a lunch and party packs.

At least 45 of the children are street children who stay around the main roads of Kuils River close to Van Riebeeck Road.

Opposite U Save in Van Riebeeck Road, from 10am to 8pm, a soccer tournament will be held to bring families together and there will be distribution of sandwiches and party packs and juice.

On Saturday December 17, there will be a party for Irista Primary School children, and again from Monday December 19 to Thursday December 22, clothing and food will be given out to the needy.

Seniors will be treated to a special lunch on Friday December 23 at the Sarepta Community Hall. Also in Sarepta on Christmas Day, a Sunday lunch food kitchen will be held for children and adults.

To offer donations or any support, call Ms Roode at 072 697 7346 and for the 200 Children Challenge, where Ms Roode will be the guest speaker, call Mr Julius at 073 910 4271.

A holiday outreach programme for the youth will be held at Yeshua Covenant Church this month.

Reverend Samuel Dean runs the project and the church. He said efforts to curb Kraaifontein’s high crime rate in recent months appeared to have come to nought.

“It saddens me to see how our youth, children, elderly and police officers are senselessly murdered due to violent crime,” he said, pointing to the many underlying causes, such as high unemployment, structural poverty, children dropping out of school, gang culture, and drug abuse.

The church, he said, would continue to work

closely with like-minded churches as well as various government agencies, the police, the business community and residents to “see Kraaifontein become a safe and better place for all to live in”.

The December outreach programme will run daily from 9am to 4pm at the FF Erasmus community hall and the spray park in Scottsville until Friday December 16.

Daily events will include sports, games, music and movies. There will also be small group discussions groups talking about basic values, such as respect for elders and showing love towards one another.

Meals and drinks will be given out daily, which for some of the children will be their only meal for the day.

To get involved call 021 836 9499 or Sister Yvonne Serfontein at 072 732 7787 email: or visit us @ and facebook @ Yeshua Covenant Church.