Helping women realise their worth

Janine Tassi, founder of Women of Worth Durbanville.

After enduring abuse for many years and struggling to find an emotional support group for women in Durbanville, Janine Tassi formed Women of Worth (WOW) Durbanville, to help women going through abuse and relationship trauma.

Ms Tassi started by running support groups and workshops around Durbanville, based on her experiences but without any formal counselling qualification.

Two weeks ago, she decided to launch a Facebook page and a blog, which provides daily inspiration and information on emotional well-being.

She was, however, shocked by the response to her page.

“It’s astounding to note, that since its inception just two weeks ago and creating my Facebook page, my ‘likes’ have grown to over 1 000.

“This illustrates that there is such a huge need for emotional support for women who have been abused or are going through a messy divorce and don’t have the financial means to support themselves,” said Ms Tassi

WOW is a community support network aimed at women experiencing abuse and relationship trauma or battling to let go of pain and grief.

It offers emotional support, guidance, useful contacts and a healthy “time-out.”

“In my findings, over the last 15 years, and having gone through almost every conceivable form of abuse you can imagine, I have experienced a shortage of emotional support groups in my area and within my socio-economic sector, which caters for my budget and my belief system,” said Ms Tassi.

“Although I live in a well-respected, upper-middle class area, I never earned enough to afford support trauma counselling at the time.

“I have since realised that there are thousands of women in exactly the same position.

“Thousands of women who have a middle-upper class standard of living, but who are financially strapped after a divorce.”

Ms Tassi has developed a sensory healing programme called Come To Your Senses, which teaches women how to get out of their heads and into their lives, and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

“I teach women how to live in the moment and to be present in that very moment by using their senses.

“They say prevention is better than cure and the same can be said for one’s emotional well-being.

“It is very important to be emotionally prepared, as this will help you deal with whatever situation may come your way,” she said.

Ms Tassi says WOW is a platform for women to become empowered by learning to love themselves and setting boundaries, which they can pass on to their daughters.

“I would love to get involved at schools especially with girls in matric, to prepare them for the next step in their journey.”

Ms Tassi also wants to build a sense of community in Durbanville through various networking events.

She hopes to one day open a crisis and healing centre.

WOW will be hosting a Come To Your Senses workshop on Women’s Day, Tuesday August 9, at the Durbanville Golf Club.

Topics include a word on relationships, the art of sensuality, how food affects your mood, sensual aromatherapy , sensory décor and table setting, healing through creativity, personal image, grooming and wardrobe planning.

Tickets are R150 each and include refreshments, workshop notes and lucky draw prizes.

Booking is essential and the dress code is smart casual. Guests are encouraged to wear deep red or purple.

Follow the Women of Worth Durbanville Facebook page or for information on gatherings.

To book for the Women’s Day workshop, contact Ms Tassi at 082 925 8438 or email janine.womenofworth@gmail. com