Ageing infrastructure leads to Scottsdene water crisis

Ward 7 councillor Grant Twigg’s exigency motion calls for an overhaul of water infrastructure.

Ageing infrastructure in Scottsdene has led to a water crisis, with frequent supply cuts there in the last two months, Sub-council 2 heard.

Ward 7 councillor Grant Twigg tabled an exigency motion on Wednesday September 22 in a virtual sub-council meeting, where he laid bare troubles with old infrastructure.

Mr Twigg said he feared possible loss of life and an environmental crisis without immediate attention.

Ward 7 encompasses Scottsdene, Northpine and a small part of Brackenfell.

“In recent months, the aged and underfunded water infrastructure system in Scottsdene has been exposed as residents have experienced continued water-supply disruptions for hours and even days due to bursting pipes,” Mr Twigg said.

It had led to a backlog in C3 complaints and a drumbeat of water complaints, he said.

He and the sub-council had intervened many times, but the water outages persisted, he said.

“We now constitute this (motion) as an emergency,” he said. “We believe that in order to improve the lives of the residents of Scottsdene and to prevent an environmental crisis and possible loss of life, it has become critical that a strategy is drafted to strengthen, refurbish and maintain the city’s bulk water supply system.”

Mr Twigg’s motion recommended an overhaul of the aged infrastructure; that a bulk water programme be drawn up and effected across the city; the water budget be increased for the execution of the new water programme; and that feedback be provided to all sub-councils.

The motion was seconded by all the councillors.