St Thomas’s debut album pays homage to Parow

Listeners can find St Thomas’s album on all music platforms.

“Parow has a soft spot in my heart, it’s almost the perfect balance between the dark and light side of Cape Town,” says singer Oscar Thomas, whose debut album, Train to Parowdise, pays homage to the area.

“Most of the songs on the album stem from my experiences of living in Parow,” says Thomas, or St Thomas as he’s known in the music business.

“It’s where I currently reside, where I went to primary and high school. It’s where I truly dug deep into my musical journey,” says Thomas

The 10-track album was released in August through the independent record label Omega Genesis Records.

The album’s title was initially Train To Parow.

Thomas says that the album title was inspired when he and Ross Cupido, a videographer and photographer, experimented with different types of photo shoots.

“One day, we decided to try out a train setting. After viewing the images , it reminded me of the times I used to travel via train from Parow to town for work and studies,” says Thomas.

“The title was initially Train To Parow, but I felt Parowdise gave the title more depth in terms of the music and story I wanted to tell with the album.”

Listeners can find his album on all online music platforms using this link.