Victory for Duka

Newly elected Ward 101 councillor Siyabonga Solly Duka says he is ready to meet the challenges in his community.

The ANC comfortably retained Ward 101 in Bloekombos in the by-election, held on Wednesday January 16, following the killing of councillor Luyanda Mbele.

Mr Mbele and his cousin, Mzwandile Mathenjwa, were gunned down in Ndeleni Street in Wallacedene on Sunday October 21 (“ANC councillor gunned down in Wallacedene,” Northern News, October 24).

Mr Mbele’s killer is still at large, but provincial police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk told Northern News this week that the case was still under investigation.

Mr Duka, 35, won the by-election with 86.47% compared to 83.89% in the 2016 municipal elections. There are 13 000 registered voters in the ward, but only 3,145 took part in the by-election – a turn-out of 19.02%.

Siseko Mbandezi of the DA and Lucky Valela of theEFF.

Serving as a ward councillor for first time, Mr Duka said he hoped to carry on Mr Mbele’s legacy of fighting for the rights of his constituents.

“Mbele was a great councillor, and I will try my best to be a good councillor too.”

Asked what his plans for the coming year were, he said: “Bloekombos has many challenges, such as gangsterism, illegal dumping, informal housing and the list goes on.

“I would like to tackle these challenges one-by-one, and in a fair manner, so that I can get to the bottom of it.

“If I am in a rush to get everything done, it will be done half and the community will not be happy.”

He said he wanted to involve the community in various projects such as tackling illegal dumping.

He does not have an office yet, but he can be contacted at 078 739 5149 or