Urban farmers market in Brackenfell

The aim of the urban farmers market was to allow local home gardeners a space to display their organic produce for the public. Picture: Sibulele Kasa

Seeds for Life Farm Primary Co-Operative and Apple Tree Initiatives NPC held an urban farmers market in Protea Village, Brackenfell, on Saturday.

The aim was to allow local home gardeners a space at the Seeds for Life premises at 15 Sundew Close to display their organic produce for the public, according to Yumnah Wickstrom, a director of Seeds For Life Farm Primary Co-Operative.

Eleven vendors, which included fast food stalls, displayed their products.

Ms Wickstrom said they started an initiative of growing produce in their home gardens during Covid-19 in 2020 to feed struggling community members.

“We are part of sustainability within the area. We started in 2020, when everything got so expensive to buy, and we started growing our own produce in our backyards to assist family members and neighbours,” she said.

She said the farmers market was held for the first time on Saturday and they hoped to continue with it.

“We decided to take it further and brought the organic vegetables to the public at a cheaper cost. We partnered with Apple Tree Initiative. This was the first farmers market and I hope there will be many more to come.”

She said they also allowed other local entrepreneurs who were not selling produce to bring their services to generate a profit as well.

One of the market vendors, Tanya van Stade, said: “This is an amazing opportunity just to sell and think about sustainability for us in the community.

“As a grower I have support from the (local) Department of Agriculture and the Cape Agency for Sustainable Integrated Development in Rural Areas (Casidra) to access seedlings. We advocate for gardens at home for people to grow their own produce because prices are escalating.”

Karin Dreyer-Fouldien said she was growing produce such as chillies and lemons to make atchar for herself and was planning to start selling organic and home-made products.

“I am working on selling the veggies that I grow in my home garden and this market event gave me an opportunity to see what people want,” she said.

For more information about the project, call 067 110 4804 or email seedsforlifeurbanfarm@gmail.com

Members of the Seeds for Life Farm Primary Co-Operative, Yumnah Wickstrom and Rabia Norris, holding a cardboard box full of produce for sale in Protea Village. Picture: Sibulele Kasa
Community members buying the produce at the farmers market in Protea Village. Picture: Sibulele Kasa
Karin Dreyer-Fouldien selling her produce in the farmers market on Saturday. Picture: Sibulele Kasa.
The garden of Seeds for Life Farm Primary Co-Operative in Sundew Close, Protea Village. Picture: Sibulele Kasa.