Two gunned down in Bellville

Police are investigating a double murder case, after two men were gunned down in broad daylight in Durban Road last week in what is believed to have been a gang-related hit.

In CCTV footage, which has gone viral, a man in a red hoodie runs towards the two men, aged 19 and 20. Coming from behind, he shoots them several times at close range. The men immediately fall to the ground.

The double-killing took place outside Legal Aid South Africa’s offices in the Van Der Stel Building on Wednesday May 23, just after 1pm.

Bellville police spokeswoman Lieutenant Colonel Fienie Nimb said there was a second shooter.

“They got into their vehicle and rode off,” she said.

Legal Aid South Africa spokeswoman Gomoloemo Makgamatha said the men had been shot leaving Legal Aid’s offices after consulting their legal practitioner.

“The Bellville office is cooperating fully with the South Africa Police Service’s investigation into this incident,” she said.

“We continue to champion the rights of all persons to access justice through the provision of independent, accessible and quality legal aid services in criminal and civil legal matters.”

Lieutenant Colonel Nimb said the victims were from Belhar and the incident was believed to be gang-related.

She said it was a very unusual case for Bellville, but the police had good leads to follow up on.

“The case has been handed over to the provincial office,” she said.