Pram’s theft leaves tots in the lurch


A Kraaifontein couple are heartbroken after the pram they spent a year saving for was stolen the day after they had bought it second-hand for

R9 000. It costs about R18 000 new.

Thinus and Barbara Campher are the owners of Hagar’s Choice Place of Safety, an NGO looking after babies and children.

The pram, which is made for twins, could have accommodated all four prematurely-born babies they care for at the home, near Cape Gate in Brackenfell.

Mr Campher said they had been visiting friends in Boston, Bellville, and had left the pram in their car. When they returned to the car, they found it had been broken into and the pram stolen.

They reported the theft to the Bellville police, but the pram hasn’t been found. Mr Campher and his wife have now had to resort to carrying the four babies in their arms or in supermarket trollies.

“It’s really difficult and so sad, especially as we only enjoyed the pram for one day. We fell in love with it,” said Mr Campher.

* If anyone can help, call the couple at 079 776 0990 or email