Pop-up for the homeless

A pile of clothes donated for the homeless.

The homeless people of Bellville will have a chance to shop for new clothes at the Pop-up Street Store in Voortrekker Road on Saturday December 1.

The event, which takes place around the world, allows the homeless to browse through donated clothes and buy them using a token system.

The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) is running the event and hopes to collect more than the 700kg of clothes donated last year.

GTP project manager Monique Muller said: “We will be setting up the clothes in Voortrekker Road just like you will see it hanging in the shops. Everybody that will be shopping will then get a loyalty card and that allows them to purchase any three items of clothing. It can be a pair of pants, top and a pair of shoes or anything that they want to purchase with their card.”

The GTP started the donation drive two weeks ago, opening drop-offs at various places in Bellville, and in that time, more than 250kg of clothes have been donated.

“The response has been overwhelming,” Ms Muller said, adding that all the donated clothes were in good condition.

“This just shows that the people of Bellville do have a good heart and they are willing to help the man that they walk pass every day on the streets. The haves are willing to give to the have-nots.”

The GTP is dedicated to the improvement and regeneration of the people and infrastructure in the greater Tygerberg area.

“We always say that we are not here to give a hand-out but rather a hand-up. Last year, we helped so many people that they cannot wait to come back, and there was one woman, in particular, who we were able to help get into a shelter and out of an abusive relationship,” Ms Muller said.

On the day, there will also be other services available to the homeless, including a mobile clinic and help with getting IDs and social-welfare grants.

“Every year, we will be looking to go bigger than the year before. We see this as a long-term project and hopefully, we will see it grow bigger and bigger every year,” Ms Muller said.

December 9 is World Pop-Up Store Day.