Police pledges

Colonel Gert Nel, Parow police station commander and Roger Cannon, the chairman of the Parow Community Police Forum

We the South African Police Service of Parow under the leadership of Colonel Gert Nel and the Community Police Forum under the leadership of chairman Roger Cannon wish to refresh our commitment to serve the community of Parow and to create a safe and secure environment for all.

We commit ourselves again to uphold and diligently live out the aims and objectives of the uniform institution for community police forums and boards in the Western Cape. The CPF logo encompasses the spirit that exists between Parow police and Parow CPF. It depicts a handshake under the aloe in a circle surrounded by words. We pledge ourselves to maintain a partnership between the CPF and police, to promote communications between the community and the police, to improve the rendering of services to the community, to promote transparency and accountability of the service to the community, to promote joint problem identification and problem solving, and we promise to serve the community in our mandate and our pledge to make our community and country a safer place.