Parow volunteers feeding the needy

Street people getting meals from the Parow West feeding project.

A small group of Muslim residents from Parow West is feeding the needy as an act of charity during Ramadaan.

Shihaam Arend, Yaseen Valley and Labeeqah Van der Schyff are three of the 15-plus residents getting together every weekend to prepare and deliver food to the needy.

“We get together on Friday night to prepare the ingredients that go into this 100-litre pot of chicken akni. Each one of us contributes to the project in different ways: some bring chicken, some veggies, others send cash to buy the take-away containers, and Mr Valley does the cooking from the morning,” said Ms Arend.

The volunteers have compiled a list of needy people they prioritise for food deliveries.

Mr Valley, a 20-year old hospitality student said: “We can feed just over 200 people with this pot of food and we deliver it to those neighbours who are in desperate need. We have the neighbourhood watch assisting us to deliver the meals.”

Ms Van der Schyff hopes the project will give non-Muslims a greater understanding of Islam.

“I think it’s important that residents of Parow know what Islam is about, to learn about their Muslim friends and neighbours, their beliefs and customs,” she said.

Parow West volunteers waiting to feed the homeless.
Homeless people lining up for a meal prepared by residents of Parow West.