No comment from police on Facebook post

In Northern News last week it was reported that Parow residents are on edge after two attempted break-ins in Frankfort Street.

In response to the article (“Burglary fear in Frankfort Street,” Northern News, July 13) Parow police spokesman Captain Kevin Williams said the station could not comment on incidents mentioned on the Goodwood Parow Crime Facebook page because the station does not have access to it.

Resident Evita Daniels, 24, was home alone on Wednesday June 22 when she saw a man outside her kitchen window trying to knock the glass out of the wooden frame. She panicked when the man didn’t run after she screamed.

The day before Ms Daniels saw the man at the window, some men tried to break into her neighbour’s house.

Stiaan Goosen had returned from a night shift on Tuesday June 21 at 7am and went to take a nap.

At 9.45am, a loud knock on the front door woke him. He peeped through the lounge window and saw three men at the door, who then tried to use a bolt cutter to break in.

The men jumped into a waiting gold Renault when Mr Goosen shouted at them. When Northern News asked Parow police why police had not taken a statement from Ms Daniels or her family, Captain Williams said that could be investigated internally if they sent a written complaint to the station.