Long walks to raise cancer awareness

Cancer survivor Michael Wynne poses for a photo during a recent trip to the Northern Cape.

Diagnosed in 2017 with prostate cancer, Kraaifontein resident Michael Wynne has been a man on a mission to warn men about the illness.

Mr Wynne, 56, is pushing his third annual campaign to raise prostate cancer awareness.

His general battle with cancer started in 2013, when he was diagnosed with colon cancer and had a piece of the organ removed. He’s in remission for both cancers

He raises awareness by hiking more than 5 000km between Cape Town and parts of the Northern Cape.

Three weeks ago, he again walked from Scottsville to Springbok – the third time he’s pulled off the great trek to the Northern Cape this year.

“The body feels nice after my walks. I am used to it by now. I get some lifts. I walk eight hours,” he says.

“After my diagnosis, I realised that some men aren’t aware of prostate cancer and that it’s exclusively for men and the testicles. Men are not aware of the danger of this cancer.”

Mr Wynne has registered a non-profit organisation to lobby government entities and big businesses, and he has worked with Cape Crews Movement Car Crew (CCMCC) chairman Vinny Coutriers many times to raise awareness. Both Mr Wynne and Mr Courtiers have lost loved ones to cancer and they have hosted various cancer awareness campaigns.

Mr Coutriers described Mr Wynne as a strong person and an integral cog in the fight against cancer.

You can contact Mr Wynne on 076 549 6237 or keffwynn02@gmail.com for more information.