Kraaifontein, far south urged to use water sparingly

The City has advised of water-supply disruptions in Kraaifontein and the far south.

The City has appealed to residents of Kraaifontein and the far south to reduce water use due to the impact of load-shedding and weather conditions on municipal water-supply operations.

“Using less water will help deal with operational challenges, notably due to heavy load-shedding and weather conditions, which are impacting our water treatment plants and ability to convey water to reservoirs and areas across Cape Town, especially to high-lying areas where the water has to be pumped,” said mayoral committee member for water and sanitation Siseko Mbandezi.

“While City teams are monitoring the water-supply operations and usage very closely and doing all they can to maintain supply, we also need our residents to help us during this time by using less water.”

De Novo and Kraaifontein, including, Belmont Park, Eikendal and Scottsville, and the far south, from Simon’s Town to Murdoch Valley, would experience low pressure to no water, and tankers would be deployed where required to locations communicated on @CityofCTAlerts, the City’s Twitter account, according to a City statement.

The City said the tap water was still safe to drink and the dams were over 70% full, but it has sounded a citywide appeal for collective water use to be reduced to 850 million litres a day.