Clean communities are safe communities, says Twigg

Mayoral committee member for urban waste management Grant Twigg speaks to the pupils about the importance of a litter-free community.

The City has launched a project, at Bloekombos Primary School, to make communities cleaner and safer, and it’s starting with schools.

Cleaner Schools, Safer Schools is led by Grant Twigg, the mayoral committee member for urban waste management, and he was at its launch last week, along with Libee, the city’s libraries’ mascot.

The school, in Magubudela Street, displays ceramic art, it has a garden and its walls are brightly coloured, but a few metres away is a dirty street and clogged sewers – conditions common in much of Bloekombos.

“As part of this effort (to clean communities), the directorate is running a project providing education, and awareness-building at selected schools. This is being supported by donations of paint, cleaning supplies and toilet paper to help them create an environment that discourages littering,” Mr Twigg said.

The project encourages pupils to play a part in cleaning their communities. It teaches them how litter can spoil an area and attract crime while a spotless environment can deter it.

R50 000 has been budgeted for the project, according to Mr Twigg.

“It is key that we reach the children with this message as early as possible if we want to change the culture around waste in communities where littering and dumping is a challenge. They can be agents of positive change,” Mr Twigg said.

“Dumping can become a vicious cycle,” he said. “It can degrade an area, and lower property values, which then can cause more dumping and attract crime. It is important we show residents from a young age that these things are interconnected, so they are more motivated not to litter, and to address littering and dumping in their surroundings.”

The public can report illegal dumping to 021 444 6231, 021 444 6224 or 021 444 6223.