Bye-bye bridge

Residents watched with fascination on Friday May 12 as the Old Oak Road Bridge in Bellville was demolished.

Several people posted pictures to social media of the demolition, which was complete by Saturday May 13.

Department of Transport and Public Works spokesman Byron la Hoe said the bridge had to be demolished to make room for a third lane being built on the N1. Kuils River is one of the top three most congested areas in the city, mayor Patricia De Lille said at the opening of the R300-Bottelary Road off-ramp in March (“Ramp opens tourism link,” Northern News, March 29).

Brett Herron, mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, said R750 million had been committed over a five-year period for road infrastructure projects at “major pressure points” in Kuils River, Kommetjie and Blaauwberg. He said that according to the City’s data, motorists from these areas spend up to three hours in traffic during peak times.