Boston robber arrested

Police arrested a 32-year-old man for allegedly using a fake gun to rob four women in Boston.

The women were walking in 10th Avenue on Tuesday, at 11.30am, when a man pointed a “firearm” at them and demanded their belongings.

He took two cellphones and an iPad, before running off.

Bellville police’s Lieutenant Colonel Fienie Nimb said the women flagged down a police vehicle and gave the officers a description of the mugger

In the meantime, sector managers Warrant Officer Whitey van Zyl and Warrant Officer Gawie Hawkins were patrolling in Boston and noticed a suspicious man walking in Eighth Avenue.

“They followed him in an unmarked vehicle. The suspect suddenly started to run and jumped over several fences of houses in Boston,” said Lieutenant Colonel Nimb.

Police called for back-up and several officers followed on foot.

The suspect was apprehended in the backyard of a Boston home with the cellphones and iPad in his possession.