New road will help ease traffic


The construction of Saxdowns Road, where it crosses the Bottelary River in Kuils River, is nearing completion, the City of Cape Town’s transport authority, Transport for Cape Town (TCT), has announced.

The new section of Saxdowns Road, linking Langverwacht and Bottelary roads, will be opened said the City in the next two weeks. The Saxdowns Road project has been constructed at a cost of R32 million and has been partly funded from contributions by the developer of the Haasendal development in Kuils River.

This portion of Saxdowns Road and making Amandel Road a dual carriageway between Sandalwood and Bottelary roads, at a cost of R57.5 million, needed to be constructed by the developer as a condition of the development approval.

The City of Cape Town contributed R21 million toward the total project cost and the developer carried the balance.

“The Saxdowns Road project entailed the construction of a new section of Saxdowns Road over a distance of nearly 1.8km as well as the construction of a bridge over the Bottelary River. The investment in the new road infrastructure will assist greatly in alleviate traffic congestion in this area. First of all it will provide commuters with an alternative route to Langverwacht Road, Bottelary Road (M23) and Old Paarl Road (M101) and secondly, it is expected to relieve the current traffic volumes on Amandel and Van Riebeeck roads (R102),” said Mayco committee member for transport, Brett Herron.

The project had two phases, firstly the construction of Saxdowns Road from Bottelary Road (M23) to the entrance of the Haasendal development, covering a distance of approximately 580m. This section of the new single carriageway was completed in May last year and amounted to R9.7million; and secondly, the construction of Saxdowns Road from the Haasendal development to the existing Saxdowns Road at the intersection with Halleria Street, covering a distance of 1 200m; as well as the construction of a 25m long bridge over the Bottelary River. The contract value is R22 million.

Streetlights were also installed along the new section of Saxdowns Road to improve visibility and safety.

“A sidewalk has been constructed on one side of Saxdowns Road to improve pedestrian safety. In addition, the shoulders of the new road are 1.2m wide, making it possible for cyclists to cycle along this route. The existing traffic signal at the intersection of Bottelary and Saxdowns roads has been upgraded and additional turning lanes have been added at this intersection, as well as at the intersection of Saxdowns and Sandalwood roads,” said Mr Herron.